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ELEVEN SPORTS has announced it will show LIVE coverage of premium MMA and Kickboxing action in the U.S. as it continues to grow its sports offering to fans across the country.

In 2017, ELEVEN SPORTS will show 19 LIVE and 35 past events from MMA Bushido, King of Kings (KOK) Kickboxing and WGP Kickboxing – the largest Kickboxing promotion in Latin America – as part of the network’s drive to deliver exhilarating LIVE action aimed towards millennial sports fans.

“Fight sports are growing in popularity in the U.S. and all over the world and we are thrilled to add new and exciting MMA and Kickboxing events to our growing portfolio,” said Danny Menken, Group Managing Director, ELEVEN SPORTS. We are committed to delivering thrilling action that is not readily available giving fans the opportunity to watch, enjoy and engage with their favourite sports

The latest ELEVEN SPORTS content will be available in 50 million homes across the US thanks to the network’s reach through carriage deals including, but not limited to: AT&T, DIRECTV, Verizon, Charter and NCTC.


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Founded in 2015, ELEVEN SPORTS is a global sports provider dedicated to delivering world-class international and domestic sports and lifestyle entertainment. ELEVEN SPORTS is available in 70 million homes worldwide in Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. Each country receives up to 4,000 hours of live coverage of premium sporting events annually, along with news, comprehensive analysis, digital content and local programming. The channels are 24/7, multiscreen, full HD and locally produced to the highest international production standards, with local language commentary.


About MMA Bushido:

MMA Bushido fights are held in a ring rather than a cage and the rules are deliberately made simple for maximum excitement, encouraging the fighters to always go directly for a knockout win.



About King of Kings:

KOK has a wide fan base throughout Europe. The KOK style and rules are designed to ensure fighters win by using the purest fighting techniques. KOK is based in Lithuania and promotes many European kick-boxing fighters.



About WGP Kick-Boxing

WGP is a Brazilian based kick-boxing promotion founded in 2011. The largest kickboxing promotion in Latin America, WGP offers a series of events with international production standard, featuring the best fighters in the American continent and from all over the world. The promotion is known for its dynamic, intense and exciting kickboxing fights which made WGP the widest audience in Brazil within the fighting segment, reaching around 4 million TV viewers per show.



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