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North Haven, CT – Global sports provider Eleven Sports and live streaming pioneer YouNow have announced a partnership today, November 30, that will see YouNow’s new, blockchain-powered Rize app showcase live content from Eleven Sports in the U.S.

YouNow, the 40-million-user live streaming network for millennials and Gen Z, will launch Rize, the world’s first cryptocurrency-powered mobile video app in January 2018. The revolutionary many-to-many video technology will enable viewers to actively engage with one another and the competition itself in real time while consuming Eleven Sports’ diverse array of sports content. Rize’s community will join their friends from around the world on live video while watching live streams of a diverse range of sports from Soccer to the Kontinental Hockey League. For the first time, users will be able to feel like one of the thousands of fans in the stadium, watching the game and celebrating with fellow fans.

The first event to be distributed by YouNow and Eleven Sports will be a Drone Champions League event, airing on YouNow on December 3. Once Rize launches, content will begin to air on the new blockchain-powered platform.

“The YouNow fan is mobile, young and connected and we’re excited to team up with them and target this passionate audience,” said Anthony Bailey, SVP Managing Director, Eleven Sports. “We have recently proven our strategy to reach new audiences in innovative ways by live-streaming top sports action on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Interactive communities such as YouNow create a wide-open field for immersive ways to serve up live sports – we’re bringing sport to the fan, and this partnership underscores that goal.”

Adi Sideman, CEO of YouNow, said “We are delighted to bring Eleven Sports’s premium content to our products. We welcome a programming partnership that leverages our live streaming expertise, their worldwide sports business, and a passionate audience that seeks to participate in the experience.”


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ELEVEN SPORTS is available worldwide in Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. Launched in the US in March 2017, ELEVEN SPORTS is dedicated to delivering world-class domestic and international sports and lifestyle entertainment “For The Fans.” Sports fans will be treated to a unique mix of emerging and established sports combined to provide engaging and compelling LIVE entertainment, placing the viewer at the very heart of the action.

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